More Workout Fun

Uhh, did she just say workout fun???  Yup.  I’m pumped about my workout right now.  I like lifting heavy.  It’s empowering, and it flushes out frustration.

I’m not referring to frustration from last night’s debate (I’m not touching that with a 10-foot pole).  But I did squeeze in a little gym time on my lunch break yesterday.  My computer was running sooooooo slowly; it was driving me bonkers!  It felt good to shake it off.

buff stuff

Since I was on my break, I didn’t have time for cardio, except for a 10-minute warm up on the treadmill, but I thought the workout itself was pretty good.  It’ll be better next week when I have a bit more time.

Legs & Booty 

  • SUPER SET: light barbell good mornings and heavier barbell squats (3×12)
  • barbell walking lunges (3×12 per leg)
  • weighted bridge (3×15 – I threw my feet on a low step and put a light barbell on my hips.)
  • donkey kicks (3×12 per leg – I used a dumbbell for extra resistance, but that’s optional.)
  • **hip and knee exercises (This is good prehab or rehab for lifters, runners, or just all-around active folks.)
  • If you want to add in some cardio, I’d walk on a treadmill with an incline.  Get your heart rate up!
  • stretching and foam roll

** These exercises are based on my 2 rounds of PT for runner’s knee and my 1 hip PT.  I didn’t have time to go through all of my favorite exercises yesterday, but I completed reverse step-downs and calf raises on a small step.  The reverse step-downs are very hard for me since my hips want to push out and my knees always want to buckle inward.  I bet it happens to everyone, but you can see how it would help someone with weak knees/hips.

reverse step-down


I wanted to think of a more creative title for this workout, but let’s just call it what it is, a legs and booty workout.  That’s something I think we all can appreciate even if we’re not trying to focus on prehab/rehab.  (Side Note: My knee exercises have toned my legs like no other!)

This particular workout is very adaptable to many fitness levels.  If you’re like me, your hamstrings get sore more easily than other muscles, so if you’re a newbie, take it easy!  You can always add/decrease weight or reps.

Happy Lifting!


  • Do you prefer lifting or cardio?
  • Are you doing any prehab/rehab?

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12 Responses to More Workout Fun

  1. What are “reverse step downs” and “light barbell good mornings”??’

    I do love a good weight workout. I have been to rehab for my hip issues so I try my best to remember to strengthen them. I am a big fan of ankle weights.

  2. I’m not really sure I could choose between lifting or cardio – they both have their plusses and minuses. I hate lifting while I’m actually doing it because it hurts [so good], but I love the results. And cardio is great for an endorphin high, but extended periods of it can get boring.

  3. misszippy1 says:

    This is all such great stuff for runners–get those hips and glutes working as they should! Glad you got your frustrations out on the workout–that’s sometimes the best benefit!

  4. Love that you were able to squeeze in a little workout in the middle of the day. That is always nice.
    I think it depends on the day, but I really enjoy lifting weights. I just love the feeling of soreness.

  5. I like both.. lifting and cardio.. I can’t choose. it depends on my mood.

  6. I love cardio, I’m not going to lie. But I’ve recently got into lifting and I’m falling in love. Is it possible to love both? I’ve heard no, but I’m going to try my hardest. 😉

  7. I LOVE lifting. You’re right. It’s empowering! I mean, I still like cardio and the accomplishment when I cover mileage or at a faster pace … but nothing beats a good lifting session 🙂

  8. I love circuit training, especially if it involves cardio and strength. I like to sweat, but I also need some muscles!

  9. Up until a year & a half ago I was strictly cardio. That all changed after I quit seeing results. Lifting heavy makes me feel bada$$. I mix it up with cardio usually but am all about the strength!

  10. Let’s NOT get into debate talk 😉

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