Just Do It

Despite the deceiving title, this post is in no way workout or Nike related.  In fact, I haven’t gotten my sweat on much lately.  I strained my hip carrying furniture up the stairs on Tuesday night, which allowed me to do a little upper-body lifting and light yoga but not much else. 

After not being able to run again until Saturday (a short test run), I can tell you this – if you’re considering carrying heavy furniture upstairs by yourself… just don’t do it. Now that the negatives are out of the way, let’s get to what you should do instead.

If you’re not working out in the morning and have time to cook a hot breakfast, just do it.  (Bonus points for freshly brewed coffee.)

weekend 001

If you’re picking up your mom from the airport kind of late, and you want to get a couple beers despite the time, just do it.  (We definitely stayed up until 3 a.m. chatting, but it was worth it.)

weekend 021

If you have time to give one of your best friends a massage, just do it.  (On Saturday, my house guests and I got massages of our own during our day at the spa.  That’s girl time at its best!)

weekend 016

If you see a Groupon or other deal for a BYOB painting class, just do it.  We had a blast at Wine & Design!


If one of your house guests feels sickly Sunday morning, and you want to make her breakfast in bed, just do it.  These are Katie’s apple pancakes, and they were a-friggin-mazing.

weekend 033

If you want to turn on beast mode after feeling slack about your recent workouts, just do it.  Today I’m hitting the gym with a whole new routine, so check back throughout the week if you want more info on that.


  • Do you love massages as much as I do?
  • Did you have a fun weekend too?

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14 Responses to Just Do It

  1. I am dying to take a painting class! It always looks like so much fun. Excited to hear about your new routine!

  2. At least you’ve been keeping yourself busy with your down time. 🙂 And moving furniture always reminds me of the Friends episode where they try to help move the couch and Ross is just like “JUST PIVOT!!!!”

  3. Oh man I am dying to get a massage!!! Maybe in a few weeks when my lower back starts hurting!

  4. I would sure love some girl time at an art class. Fun. I like the idea of “just do it.” I could use some “just do it” enjoyment. 🙂

  5. I told myself that I should start treating myself for a massage every so often. They have such great deals on groupon so it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive.

  6. Love your approach. I spent way too much time thinking and definitely not enough time doing, and that definitely needs to change. I’ve been wanting to try a painting/cooking/pottery class forever now, and I think you just gave me the kick in the butt that I needed. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  7. Nichole says:

    Really says something about over thinking things versus just getting them done.

    I love the painting classes, the one by me is Sips and Strokes:)

  8. Love this! And it’s totally my motto .. sometimes … ya just gotta do it!

    And I LOVE massages!!

  9. Love that you stayed up with your mom until 3am! So cute!

  10. I bit the bullet & gave in a few months ago to the Massage Envy membership, best thing EVER, monthly massage! I need to get mine for September still. Love that you stayed up talking with your Mom, sounds like something my Mom & I would do!

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