Oktoberfest Fun

I’m not sure what’s worse.  I was in my pajamas, sitting on my couch, and watching a movie I didn’t really want to watch by 6:45 last night.  Then – I got a craving for Cold Stone ice cream, so I considered actually getting semi-dressed in my grubby state to get some all by my lonesome.  Hmmm… maybe it doesn’t matter which is worse since my lazy self settled for cereal… and watched the rest of that terrible movie.


Book = Not Bad; Movie = Don’t Bother

Other than Cold Stone, ya know what else I’ve been in the mood for lately?  Beer.  (shocker)  To specify – oktoberfest beer.

Fall is my favorite beer season. Back in the day, beer couldn’t be brewed in summer months due to the heat. I guess yeast likes air conditioning, or at least it doesn’t go so crazy in controlled temperatures.  Some batches were brewed in the spring and then stored until fall, which was done with makeshift refrigeration or just brewing with higher alcohol contents. We all know these beers as oktoberfests, aka marzens.


Oktoberfests are typically full-bodied but not overly hoppy or bitter.  They have moderate alcohol content, a copper-brown color, and a light, lacy head. In short – they’re awesome.  So far I’ve sampled three Oktoberfest beers this year.


I tried these two last weekend, and I highly recommend both. The Foothills Oktoberfest was my favorite, but not by much. The Olde Hickory Oktoberfest seemed less traditional because it had a punch of extra hoppy flavor, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!


The third beer I had, on the other hand, really was a bad thing.  I tried Carolina Brewery’s Oktoberfest, and I was very glad I only had a sample.  This one was light in color, and it lacked the traditional malty goodness.

  • What’s your favorite beer season?

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13 Responses to Oktoberfest Fun

  1. Yep, october beers are our favorite beers too!! In fact, we just picked up two cases of our favorite pumpkin beer; Dogfish Head Punkin’ Ale, for our wedding!! Oh I can’t wait. This beer is AMAZING. I’ve also been wanting to try the Sam Adams OCtoberfest, but haven’t gotten a chance yet. I hear it’s really good. Also, of course, the Great Lakes Octoberfest.

  2. Oh… I loved that book! (But I’m a dog lover and mother of fur children.)

    I’ve found I’ve been getting pickier about my Oktoberfest. I think my tastes are changing. I can’t drink regular lagers anymore, but I do like Oktoberfest beers when they have a slightly nutty quality to them. I will have to start to take note so that I can remember what to sip and not waste my time on each fall!

  3. Fall is definitely my favorite beer season! A nice cold beer is great in the summer, but there is something about the fall beers that I love!

  4. Def fall. I looooooooove fall beer.. Please please have a few for me… 🙂 I’ve asked my hubby to save me a case of oktoberfest so I can have some after I have our baby! haha 🙂

  5. Kacy says:

    I’ll have to look for those! I love Oktoberfests and fall lagers (a local brewer back in Oklahoma made a Harvest Lager which was to die for, but now I every time I go home and try to drink it, it’s sold out every where. Bah!) I have two different kinds of Oktoberfests at home right now, a Shiner version and something else I can’t remember right away. They were both okay, but not my faves. I love Hofbrau’s Oktoberfest and I’m hearing good things about Yuengling’s version. Lots of beer tasting to do!

  6. Yay for Oktoberfest beers! We have two Oktoberfest trips planned over the next few weekends, I’ll be thinking of you (and taking lots of photos to share). Yay for Fall!

  7. I never knew the history of oktoberfests- so interesting! I like fall beers, too. I’m mostly an IPA drinker and don’t pay much attention to the seasonal beers but I would say my LEAST favorite are the summer ales. They just don’t do anything for me.

  8. Haha I actually kind of liked that movie. LOL.

  9. I haven’t read the book or seen the movie for Marley and Me. I have only heard they are an almost guaranteed cry session. Did you get choked up during either?

  10. Lisa says:

    NICE! I went to Oktoberfest this weekend too. I am not a huge fan of German beers (kind of an IPA snob) but I did enjoy a few of them. The Warsteiner Oktoberfest was really good.

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