Work Hard & Play Hard

This weekend I worked hard and played hard.  Usually that’s how it goes, but I guess I technically did it backwards.  I played a little Thursday, and I played a bit more Friday before working hard on Saturday.  (It was my b-day weekend – I’m allowed!)

On Friday, I enjoyed a Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat at the house with a few friends.  (Gotta’ drink the wheat beer before it goes out of season.)  We all enjoyed a little happy hour before loading up & heading out to Mellow Mushroom for dinner.


The bday girl got to pick where we went to dinner.  Ummm… duh – of course I chose pizza!


Kevin and I ordered Foothills Hoppyum with dinner.  The waiter accidentally poured an extra pint, soooo we split it.  (Twist my arm!)  Side note – I loooooove this beer.  If you like IPAs, you must try it!

This is where the “play hard” ends and “workd hard” begins.  I woke early Saturday to roof a house.  What???  Yeah – I’m not sure what I was thinking when I signed up either.


This was my first Habitat for Humanity build, and I had a blast.  (I didn’t even fall off the roof!)  The other members were really cool, so we all went for fish tacos and beer after the build.  These are my kind of people!


It’s not just diet n’ exercise that are about balance – it’s kind of a life thing.  Work hard ~ Play Hard.  Eat Salads ~ Sometimes Get Pizza.  Sounds good to me!

  • What have you done to work hard or play hard lately?

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15 Responses to Work Hard & Play Hard

  1. Pizza and beer. How much more perfect can ya get?!

  2. lindsay says:

    oh i love that you did this! way to volunteer Tiff!

  3. Love the new header!

    Your weekend sounds really great!

  4. I love the work hard, play hard motto! I’m all about it. This weekend I went to hot yoga and coached my cheerleaders at their football game (I volunteer) – work hard… kinda. And then aftewards I went to a bachelorette party – play hard!

    Happy Belated Bday! Mine is on Friday, woot :D

  5. I’m glad you didn’t fall off the roof!! :-) Love the new header on your site too!

  6. Mmmm love hoppy beers/ipas, I will have to look into that one. Love the new header!

  7. Love the “play hard, work hard. Eat salads, sometimes eat pizza” mentality! A healthy life is a well-balanced life. Awesome work with Habitat for Humanity!

  8. That pizza looks delicious!
    I think that’s great that you helped build a roof. I really should get more involved with volunteering.

  9. I agree! Isn’t Mellow amazing? We had one back in my college town and I loved it.

  10. I would pick pizza for my bday dinner too!

  11. Kailey says:

    I know a lot of people who have done habitat for humanity and really love it – glad you enjoyed it so much :D

  12. Can’t remember the last time I had beer haha! I’m a total wino =) But you’re totally right, you still need to make time for fun! Diet shouldn’t rule your life 100% of the time.

  13. Happy belated birthday, Tiff! I love the pizzas at Mellow Mushroom, too! Also, I’m glad you didn’t fall off of the roof :P

  14. We went to two new breweries and a new restaurant for our anniversary on Saturday (in boulder). You would have loved the special brew they had on tap at Boulder Brewery – it was a barrel aged pale ale – OMG!! :)

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