Book of the month… or at least the moment

I started this book on Monday.  Though I’m not done with it yet, I’m enjoying it.  I was concerned since I saw the movie Julie & Julia, but this is different.  Julia describes her expat times in France while fumbling through the language and developing a passion for cooking.


As you can imagine, it makes me want to live abroad for a while (as if I didn’t already).  Did you know there are expat job boards out there?  Just sayin…

Back to the book.

Reading this also makes me want to cook.  It won’t give the reader an urge to make some Hamburger Helper.  It makes the reader pretend he or she is a chef making something fabulous.

pics 003

By “fabulous,” I mean something with 30 ingredients and a 2-hour cook time.  You know, like something from one of the gourmet magazines.

I always find myself restricted by the desire to cook healthier meals, time constraints, and budget constraints.  For instance, the hubs and I both adore slow roasted lamb, possibly in coconut milk with spices, but that’s not exactly the leanest, cheapest, or quickest meal.

Nevertheless, a girl can dream… and eat this in the meantime.

pics 005

I quickly whipped up this vegetarian shepherd’s pie last night after body pump. Delish!

In other book news, the renowned historian and author, John Keegan recently passed.  In his honor, I persuaded Kevin to buy the only book of his I’ve attempted to read, The First World War. Though I have yet to finish the book, I enjoyed the parts I read before having to return it to the library. Perhaps once we own it, we’ll both actually get ‘er done.

Lastly, today’s my birthday!  I’m 100 followers away from 1k on Twitter, so a great bday gift would be >1k by Sept.  Sorry to be a ham, but it’d be cool.  And since it’s a special day, I leave you with a funny.

pics 006

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16 Responses to Book of the month… or at least the moment

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How exciting!!
    Thanks for your book recs. I have a new found passion for reading. Right now I’m into Nick Hornby books. He’s hilarious.

  2. Nichole says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You just snuck that in:) Wishing you an awesome day!!!

    And I might have to pick up these books. Saw the movie, but the book is always better.

    Have a great day!

  3. Happy Birthday, my friend! I hope it’s a great day!!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIFF!!!!!!! I hope you have the best day ever!! Aaaaaand I would love some of that shepherd’s pie. Like NOW!

  5. Michele Voss says:

    Happy Birthday, Tiffany. May the day and coming weekend be fun and festive! Between earning your promotion and home professional work, the fall has a nice lustre to it, yes?!

    I have a great Vegan recipe from Rhonda that may not be French, but it is excellent and a wee bit time consuming to accomodate the lenghtier prep time needed to declare oneself a French style chef. Grandpa likes it and I simply add a side of meat and he is mucho happy. I’ll bring a copy in September if I don’t get around to converting it to the computer before then. The nice part of the recipe is you can prep it in stages, so not hours of the afternoon all taken up!

    Again, enjoy your day of creation : )


  6. Parita says:

    I hate it when I don’t finish library books, and ironically, it happens all too often!!!


  7. My coworker has that bon appetit mag on her desk and I want to steal it from her 🙂

  8. Happy birthday dear!

  9. Allie says:

    I love foodie books like that, so inspiring! Even if I don’t actually ever find the time to make those fantastic gourmet meals, either. And is it just me who thinks that cat looks exactly like Salem from Sabrina? And HAPPY BIRTHDAY of course! I’ll go follow ya on Twitter and help you out 🙂

  10. Happy birthday, almost-birthday-twin!! I hope you have a fantastic day! I want to live abroad again someday…it’s tough but so worth it. 🙂

  11. Shannon says:

    Happy Birthday! You should have lamb to celebrate!

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