Thoughts on Europe

Ever made a broad assessment based on unfounded, stereotypical claims?  Well I’m about to make one.  I hope you all can appreciate this post for its entertainment value and not its sincerity, or lack thereof.

greece  prague

What I Love About Europe

  • Appreciation for quality – as seen in the older architecture that hasn’t crumbled
  • Simple eats – How can a simple bread & salami sandwich taste so amazing?
  • Little flush – Just a tinkle?  There’s a water-conserving flush for that.


What Makes Me Laugh In Europe

  •  Terrible beds – We often stay in cheaper places, but I’ve felt “firm” taken to the extreme.
  • Veggie-less traditional eats – Europeans eat plenty of veggies, but they can be hard to come by in restaurants.
  • Towels (and often toilet paper) double as exfoliators – no need to pack scrubbing body wash

Uh, this is a double?

A Few Travel Essentials…

  • Cotton Dress (so versatile & packable)
  • Solid Clothing (best in photographs)
  • Crocks Sandals (Leanne loved ’em too on her India trip.)
  • Restaurant List (get off the beaten path, or at least away from the tourist traps)
  • Clinique Face Wash (best stuff ever & bonus gift is perfect for travel size)
  • Good Travel Book with Map (so far, I’m loving Fodor’s)

travel shoes

Okay… that’s enough travel for a while.  Check back in tomorrow for the WIAW blog party.

  • What are some of your travel essentials?

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18 Responses to Thoughts on Europe

  1. Yes, crocks ROCKED my India trip. I couldn’t have managed without them. The terrible beds… my Mother-in-law loves them. I never did understand that!

  2. I had an amazing, simple baguette sandwich in Paris ten years ago and for some reason I’ve never been able to recreate it at home. Must be that European magic!

  3. The beds in Ireland were actually pretty nice when we went.. We stayed at a lot of bed and breakfasts 🙂

  4. Kacy says:

    I am dying to go to Europe!

  5. Nichole says:

    Could not agree more with the pros and cons! And some European countries have the most beautiful, natural beautiful, looking men and women. Must be the smoking and wine, lol. Most of all they are super relaxed and always wonder why Americans are always in a hurry.

    My kindle is a biggie when I travel, and also a wrap, which works as a wonderful cover to throw over your face on the plane so you don’t get caught with the jaw open look. haha

  6. I love your travel tips! I like that you rock the crocs, too!

  7. Cheryl says:

    My travel essentials? Chacos! Most comfortable shoes evah! Also, gotta have the camera 🙂

  8. My iPod is a MUST when traveling. Also, a magazine or two – I like to splurge on them when at the airport!

  9. Haha, they do make structures to last over there! Reminds me of this: Eddie Izzard always knows what to say. 😉

    When I lived abroad, everyone made fun of me but I ALWAYS had a compass with me. European streets are twisty and they are not fans of right angles- it’s easy to get turned around!

  10. Ha ha very funny. What about the public toilets in France/ Italy that are just a hole in the ground? Not so good!
    I think often (I am going to generalise too) Americans really romanticise Europe because it has such history. But the nations are all so different- Switzerland is beautiful and clean and well maintained (but the locals pay high taxes), Italy and France are crumbling, covered in graffiti, but more rustic and charming I suppose.
    I agree on the Clinique facewash- I love getting the bonus times at Boots- always a travel sized pack of facewash, toner, oisturiser- perfect for taking away on holidays. Also I love Birkenstock sandals- so comfy, much more supportive than slip flops- more sturdy but still summery 🙂

  11. you’re rockin’ those crocks!

  12. lol that was a very funny post girl!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  13. Haha love this. I need to make a trip to Europe!

  14. i am totally in mental plan mode for a European trip. We did one 4 years ago and I think it’s time to do it again soon…I couldn’t agree more with the reasons you loved it.

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