The Food of Vacation

Kevin and I got in from vacation last night, and I am sooooo glad I took today off from work.  The jet lag is awful!  When hotel-to-home takes 24 hours, you neeeeed a day off from your vacation.

I will share a few pics here and there in upcoming posts, but I’ll try and refrain from over-doing it.  Holding back is hard since both Prague and Barcelona were so gorgeous.  Both cities exceeded my expectations, and we had a blast!

boqueria market - barcelona

Boqueria Market in Barcelona

Since I’ve been on a foodie kick lately with my posts, I’ll go ahead and highlight some of the new-to-me-foods from vacation.

First off, Prague is beer city.  More beer is consumed per capita in the Czech Republic than any other country in the world.  You mainly find pilsners and lagers.  Most restaurants only have a light and a dark beer from one main brewery, such as Budvar or Pilsner Urquell, but there are tons of brew pubs around town with their own offerings.

u tri ruzi brew pub

Beers at U Tri Ruzi Pub in Prague

Beer itself obviously isn’t new to me, but I was happy to try some new brews, including a couple micros.  In the photo below, I learned that women are occasionally served beer with a frothy head like this since it has a lighter taste and mouthfeel.  (I learned that on our Taste of Prague tour.)


Pilsner Urquell at Cestr Restaurant in Prague

While in Prague, we ate lots of meat.  (Love me some goulash!)  I tried beef knuckle, beef short ribs, chlebicek (pictured below), beef tartar mixed with a raw quail egg (never thought I’d eat either of those!), escargot, and even a beer-flavored ice cream (it was awesome!).


Chlebicek (very popular fast meal in Prague)

In Barcelona, I drank cava (sparkling wine), a local San Miguel beer, and plenty of sangria.

beach sangria

Sangria at the Mediterranean

My eats included tapas, paella, iberico ham, bikinis (grilled ham and manchego cheese sandwiches that are served at breakfast), patatas bravas, and a pretty amazing quiche lorraine.  Oh… and I had gelato.  Lots of gelato!


Paella at Can Majo in Barcelona

This was not a food-focused trip, but I clearly enjoyed and embraced it.  Now it’s time for lots of green smoothies and water!

Do you eat outside the box on vacation?

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10 Responses to The Food of Vacation

  1. A “vacation from vacation” day is always necessary. Smart move. 🙂

    Sounds like you guys had a great time!!

  2. Isn’t manchego cheese amazing?

  3. I definitely eat outside the box on vacation, I mean…why not?!
    I can’t believe they sometimes drink their beer with that GIANT head of foam! I hate the foam, it has no taste. Blah. Interesting little piece of info there 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed your vacation!

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  5. Sounds like such an awesome vacation! Sangria, sparkling wine, and plenty of new beers? Yes, please! And I always eat outside of the box on vacation – I don’t eat meat, but everything else is fair game. 🙂

  6. Kacy says:

    I usually do! Food is a big part of my travels, but since joining WW I’ve tried to keep it in check a bit more. I still like to try as much local cuisine as possible though.

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  9. Tiffany says:

    I’m so glad you posted that little bit about how beers are poured for women in Prague! A friend of a friend (from Prague) once tried to pour me a Staropramen “the proper way,” and, to my horror, he dumped the beer straight into the glass — no tilting, no careful pouring, nothing! I was horrified; he insisted this was how they drank beers back home. I never forgave him. Whoops!

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