Hip Therapy (Video)

Happy Friday!  As if Friday didn’t make me happy enough, I had extra bits of joy to share.  Larabar so kindly sent me a few new-to-me flavors to review, and boy were they good!

i like bars

I even liked the coconut cream pie flavor even though I’m not nuts for coconut.  My favorite was definitely the chocolate chip cherry bar (duh… girls <3 chocolate), but the cappuccino was a very close second.


I guess I can still say that I haven’t met a bar I didn’t like.  I enjoyed these as afternoon snacks, but I also really like to have Larabars before races.  Lucky for me, there were free mini Larabars after my half marathon.  Score!


I also have a video to share.  This is one of the hip exercises I’ve been doing (when I remember to do them) for my physical therapy.  You can easily do it at home since all you need is a resistance band.

Happy Friday!

  • Do you guys like the exercise videos, or is the video aspect unnecessary?
  • What have you got on tap for this weekend?

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9 Responses to Hip Therapy (Video)

  1. Nichole says:

    Larabar!!!! YEAS! I am going to have to be on the lookout for these. Jealous, haha:)

    You are so cute in that video! No way would y’all want to see me attempting anything.

  2. The cappuccino larabar is definitely one of the my favorites!!! It is so delicious!

  3. Oh man I am not a fan of larabars. 🙁 I tried but I just cant get into them!

    • Tiff says:

      Really??? Your’e the first person I’ve heard say they didn’t like them, but then again, at least you save a bunch of $ not buying them. Those buggars’ aint cheap!

  4. I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of exercise videos. I personally, like being in the moment and like to feel the energy in an actual exercise class. I think I feed off of the energy of others. As for this weekend, I forsee some Franziskaner beer with a 7 mile run mixed in there somewhere 🙂

  5. How can you not like coconut?

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