Congrats to Kevin

Here’s a quick post I’m actually writing from my phone. Yeah, it’s been one of those mornings…

I was out late last night because I ran after work since I did pilates in the morning. After jogging, taking a quick shower, and hastily eating leftovers for dinner, Kevin and I headed out to buy some furniture.

Although we were successful, we’re pretty tired today. Oh well, at least I squeezed in a circuit workout this morning. (priorities)

Despite the time crunch, I really wanted to post today to send out a special congrats to the hubs. Kevin just found out yesterday that his grad school of choice accepted his application.


Yeah for hubs! The drawback? He has chosen to attend the University of South Carolina; he’s going to be a chicken (I think they prefer the term gamecock).


At least his loyalties still lie with the Clemson Tigers. He even made his first payment to USC on a Clemson check.

What team has your heart?
Is your week as crazy as mine?

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14 Responses to Congrats to Kevin

  1. Congrats to Kevin! So exciting!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Aww congrats to your man!! That’s awesome! 😀

  3. Congrats!! That’s awesome!

  4. Congrats!! BTW, I linked you in my Stone ipa review today!


    And the LSU Tigers are my team at heart even though I went to two different schools after I graduated from LSU. I know my loyalties 😉

    And personally it’s a crazy week, but work wise not so much. Really weird! haha.

  6. Congrats to Kevin! [And way to slightly ‘stick it to ’em’ with the check. ;)]

    I always make my weeks crazy. I don’t know how it happens…but it just does. I don’t know how to NOT be busy I guess!

  7. Kacy says:

    That’s great! Congrats to him!

  8. Congrats to Kevin! I don’t know if I could ever yell “Go Cocks” though. 😉

  9. He’s going to be a chicken- haha! Congrats to Kevin, though I’ll be cheering against him come football season. Go dawgs! 😉

  10. Congrats to Kevin!! We call the gamecocks screeching chickens – the squawking they play after touchdowns in their stadium is intolerable. Ugh!

  11. Brittany says:

    Congrats Kevin! Welcome to the most amazing conference in the country– SEC BABY!

    I’m and LSU girl born and bred! Wouldn’t have it any other way! Geaux Tigers!

  12. Congratulations to Kevin! That is awesome news! 🙂

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