Salad & Salad

You know how I mentioned yesterday that I didn’t know if my willpower would give out on me at lunch?  It did!  My inner cheerleader is doing cartwheels right now.  The company brought in Mexican, and I made this little gem.

salad uno

Actually, I made two of them because it was pretty small.  The second one has less beans, but it was still yummy.  Who needs cheese, ground beef, and HFCS wraps or taco shells?  Not this girl!  Okay… I often do need those things, but not yesterday.

I got a double-dose of greens by having a salad again last night.  It was pretty much the same as Tuesday’s dinner.  (Y’all know I love leftovers.)

salad two

But I enjoyed this one with a side of Food Network Magazine.  You can’t read this (or flip through drooling) unless you’re already eating a meal.  It’ll make you want something.  Immediately.

I’ll wrap up today by sharing this week’s workouts, both accomplished an planned.  It’s really similar to last week since I’m trying to beat my score on the two bootcamp style workouts, but here it goes…

  • Monday: 0.5 mile walk, 1.5 mi run, 0.5 mi walk, gooooood stretch, and core yoga & hip exercises at night
  • Tuesday: quick warm up, Jillian Michaels no-weights workout, extra pushups
  • Wednesday: power yoga and this Tone it Up ab workout in the morning, 2.5 mi walk with Kevin at night
  • Thursday: walking warm up, this BodyRock workout (the timed portion and upper-body cool down)
  • Friday: spin class, a little bonding with the weight room
  • Saturday: long walk on a treadmill, followed by stretching and hip exercises
  • Sunday: active rest

Found any good new workouts online or elsewhere?

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9 Responses to Salad & Salad

  1. I love the Food Network magazine! I’m trying to cut back on buying cooking magazines though because I know that usually the recipes can just be found online. 😛

    A few days ago I did this workout from Women’s Health: It was a good one!

  2. I love southwest salad! We’re getting catering today, but it’s Italian and I think there’s less room for me to improvise like that. It’ll be delicious, but heavy meals over lunch are so rough!

  3. Mexican food sounds really good — and I think I need the taco shell 🙂

  4. I wish our office got mexican.. mmmm I love taco salads!

  5. I always miss cheese but can get away with doing no cheese on my sandwiches.

  6. Our office never brings in anything good 🙁 Sometimes we get chain pizza or something but that’s it.

  7. I just read two issues of Cooking Light and always tear our recipes that I want to try. I have a whole binder full of these but don’t use it as much because everything is so accessible over the Internet! Ido love a good old fashion cookbook though. I was recently in NYC and tried soul cycle and it was amazing! We don’t have it where I live though, so im just gonna go to regular spinning today too.

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