Sunday Store List

Yaaawwwwwn. Anyone else enjoying a lazy Sunday? It’s nearly 9:30 a.m., and I’m still in my pajamas. Okay, I do have some laundry going, but aside from that, it’s pretty lazy here.


Breakfast of champions: homemade latte (crafted by Kevin) and carrot cake loaf


Now I’m sitting down at my computer to make my grocery list. I’m a stickler for the list. If I go into a grocery store without a list, I walk looking (and feeling) lost and confused. I need a game plan.

There’s a process to a good list. Here’s mine for today:

  • Get out any coupons (I rarely have any) & pull up the local grocery store’s online weekly flyer for inspiration by what’s on sale and what’s in season
  • Pull up the LiveFit meal plan to get a basic idea of what I’m going to need
  • Visit a few of my favorite recipe sites for meals that fit my on-sale/in-season/LiveFit needs.

Since I’m about to pull up my favorite recipe sites anyway, let me go ahead and share them with you.

  • Oh She Glows (duh… I mention this one frequently)
  • Better Homes & Gardens (they’re not all wins, but they’re traditional and usually comforting)
  • Whole Foods (some wins, some loses, but the wins are big wins)
  • Eat Better America (you have to look harder for all-natural recipes, but these have easy-to-find ingredients)
  • YumSugar (not always healthy, but it often appeals to my foodie side)

Of course, you can always find more recipes than you need on Pinterest.

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  • What’s your favorite go-to recipe site?
  • Or do you prefer cookbooks?


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10 Responses to Sunday Store List

  1. I love and not really cookbooks per-say, but I get a lot of recipes from magazines like Health, Women’s Health, and Fitness. Love!

  2. So, it’s 9:31 here and I’m still in my PJ’s, too. I’m always lazy on Sunday mornings…

    Go to recipe sites…way too many to list. For a while I was totally obsessed with Foodgawker but sadly, lots of the recipes I would try on there were flops. I really trust Cooking Light’s recipes. 🙂

  3. lindsay says:

    we think alike! and you made me yawn just saying yawn. haha

  4. Sunday’s are perfect for being lazy 🙂 I’m definitely a list type of girl too!

  5. Haha I have been SO lazy today, it’s not even funny! Other than rolling out of bed for church, and meeting a friend for lunch, my day has mostly been spent watching tv, while reading blogs!

    When I need recipes, I check my favorites and my “liked” pages. There are always so many great blogger recipes for me to try!

  6. Is it weird I never make a list? I always get what looks good!

  7. Sounds like a great day. I always look at Iowa Girl Eats for recipe ideas. But I don’t always have a list. The weeks i do though, it tends to be better eating. 🙂

  8. Sounds like my Sunday…I started watching Mad Men…season 1 on HBO…before I knew it I was on episode 10. Then I ran…and showered and went back to being lazy. LOL 2 of my favorite sites are inquiring chef and not without salt – always have amazing recipes (and photos).

    xoxo from Trinidad

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