Giveaway Winner: Someone’s Going to TRI Something New

Today’s post is short n’ sweet.  First, I’ll go ahead and announce my Danskin Triathlon Series winner.


Congrats to Rachel @ Running Rachel!  I’ll email you, but in case you read this first, hit me up at lovesweatandbeers at yahoo.  You’re on your way to TRI something new!

In other news, dinner yesterday was yummy.  Check it out.

beer 025

And you thought you didn’t like Brussels sprouts!  Winking smile

beer 024

While we’re on the topic of dinner, this was part of Sunday supper.  I think Leia’s using the force to summon the food.

beer 021

I hope everyone has a lovely Friday Eve.  I have a mini announcement planned for tomorrow, so hopefully you check back for that too.  Oh, and I know I haven’t mentioned it this week, but LiveFit is going well.  All this bulking sure makes me hungry though!


  • What’s one food you didn’t like but now you do?  *Surprisingly enough, mine is not sprouts; it’s broccoli.

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10 Responses to Giveaway Winner: Someone’s Going to TRI Something New

  1. I never ate brussles until a little over 6 months ago. Now I’m officially obsessed. I eat them probably 3 times a week at the moment…

  2. Marie says:

    Tiff-those are HUGE sprouts! Where did you get them and did you just do them in a frying pan? Love sprouts.

  3. What mini announcement! ah… I hate waiting 🙂

    I have never had Brussels sprouts… They scare me.

  4. Nichole says:

    I’m with Dorsa and I’ve never tried a sprout – yep.

    Announcement?? Cannot wait, secrets are no fun!!

  5. I love broccoli AND brussel sprouts 😉

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  7. Awesome!! Yay! thank you!! Super excited! 🙂

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