Protein Oats

I haven’t gone for my walk yet today, but I wish I could run instead. There’s a half marathon in town, and I know three people running it. It seems like as soon as I finished my first half marathon, I was already itching to do another.


Something else was going on when I finished my first half marathon, and it was the same thing forcing me to stick to LiveFit’s no-cardio rules. Hip Pain. Running was painful. After the race, sitting and walking were painful too. I’ve taken a significant amount of time off from cardio, but the pain flared up during my Thursday walking warm up (leg day was Wednesday.) It was small, but it was still scary.


When do you go to the doc? I don’t want to pay for someone to say 1)” I’m not sure what’s wrong with you” and/or 2) “Stay off it for a month or two.” Then again, I know I won’t stay off it long on my own without a “professional” ordering me to do so.

  • Thoughts? Ever dealt with hip pain?

On a lighter note, I get more protein oats today. Yeeheewwww! There’s not so much a “recipe” for them as much as just a simple how-to. I mean, it’s really just throwing stuff together, and because I can’t stand long ingredient lists, this one has a whopping total of four.


Half a cup of old fashioned oats, half a cup of frozen berries, one scoop of vanilla protein, and 1 tsp flax. (You know, just to get things moving in the morning.)

swimming oats

Drown your oats in about 3/4 cup water. The amount of water is really personal preference and depends on how long you let the oats rest. Just be sure to add a wee bit more than you would for regular oats. Microwave this for one minute. Then stir in protein and ground flax.

buff oats

Microwave the mix for another minute. You could eat it immediately, but I recommend letting it rest 10 minutes. The final semi-spongy product reminds me of a muffin, but not really. It also reminds me of cobbler, my favorite dessert, but then again, not really. Anyway – it’s good. It’s healthy. Eat it.

firm oats

  • What’s your favorite go-to breakfast?


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18 Responses to Protein Oats

  1. Ouch! I’ve never dealt with hip pain before, but it sounds like you are doing the smart thing by taking it easy. I know it’s hard to not run, but it will be worth it in the end–you don’t want to further injure yourself! I hope the pain subsides soon, though!

  2. ooo those protein oats sound great! simple, delicious, and satisfying! i like it! my favorite go-to and easy breakfast is peanut butter and sliced bananas on wheat toast. if i have more time, i like oatmeal on the stovetop with an egg whisked in and topped with peanut butter.

  3. Yum! How do you like that protein powder? I ordered it but I hope it’s good. I actually think I ordered the chocolate. I’m a bit picky with powder so I’m nervous haha I hope you feel better. I’d say if it hurts to even walk and do simple activities, then go to the doctor. It could be a tendon or a muscle thing and you would need to rest.

  4. Corinne says:

    The oats look easy and yummy! I’m still getting through hip bursitis which led to a hamstring strain. As hard as it is, listen to your body and the professionals! I took almost 2 months off from running and just did weights and a little bit of biking or elliptical, but really cut down on all exercise. I’d rather not run for 2 months then never run again! Def see a doctor, it might just help push you to stay off it for a bit. Good luck!

  5. lindsay says:

    well friend, i hate to say it but take a total 2 weeks off no weights/cardio and just do yoga. See if that helps. Then after that i would see a doc. I know, its hard. But try! hope it heals!!

  6. Try seeing a sports doctor! Sometimes those regular MD’s are hit or miss when it comes to getting useful information.

  7. I know not running must suck but…if you want to run … run! you know what’s best for you girl.
    I know these people are fit and have published books and all, but I seem to adhere to the philosophy that you work hard and get results. If you wanna run RUN. If you wanna lift, LIFT. Do what makes you happy. You are beautiful and strong and fit…so do your thing! I see you as a “role model” yup, yup!

    xoxo from Trinidad

    • Tiff says:

      You’re too sweet. 🙂 Once I get these hips healed, I’ll have to go for a run. The weather is too nice not to!

      Great job on your half, by the way!

  8. I go to the sports chiro early and often, because sometimes it takes some time to get the issue figured out. I don’t like going to doctors either, but I’ve tried the self-treatment thing and is can take so long to heal on its own (or find out that it really does need something to help the healing process). I wish I had someone in your area to recommend, I know you don’t want to drive to Atlanta to see a doc. 🙂

  9. Wait, I’m kinda confused about what the paste thing is. Is that the protein or the flax? Cause I have protein and flax and they are both in powder form and just wanted to see if I had to get a whole new thing cause this sounds delish.

    • Tiff says:

      Not sure about any paste, but I used whey protein powder and ground flax, which is also like a powder. I hope you like it!

  10. I had hip pain after my race too, that lead to knee pain as well. I rested for 6 days, iced it and foam rolled it at least once a day. I ran Saturday for the first time, and towards the end my hip hurt a little. I read an article that it may be caused by a few things – shoes (whether old or don’t fit right), lack of lateral hip strength or one leg is longer than the other.

    This week I am starting to incorporate lateral leg exercises 2-3 times a week. I remember back in law school I would do pilates that often and never had a problem! I’m also going to get fitted for running shoes at a place where they make you run on a treadmill and watch and ask about issues. Hopefully these two things together will help me.

    Hope you may get an idea from this? I did A LOT of research when I was stuck on the couch, unable to walk after my half!

    • Tiff says:

      I think it could be any number of things, so I made an appointment today just to make sure it’s not a hairline fracture or anything that will be worsened by exercise. I hope you recover soon! 🙂

  11. I think starting the day with protein oats is awesome! 🙂

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