This seems like a WIAW post.  It’s not.  I’m well aware that it’s Tuesday, thankyaverymuch.  It’s just that I really wanted to share a couple meals with you.  (As for the title, any Beastie Boys fans out there?  Just curious…)

On Sunday, I baked this chicken recipe.  The sauce/glaze makes for very tender chicken.  Mmmmm… top the chicken with asparagus for non-soggy but slightly soft, roast green goodness.


Sundays are for roasting.

I was really happy I got to enjoy leftovers last night.  I was also happy that I made extra quinoa and chicken for lunch.


The ill-behaved child begs like a dog.

Lunch was kind of a big deal.  There’s the extra chicken and quinoa, but the exciting part is the sauce.

hot hot hot

I like it hot hot hot.

This was my first sriracha experience.  Let me tell you – it won’t be the last.  I can take the heat; bring it on sriracha!

And now there’s a bit of link love worth spreading.  Check these out if you want more reading material.

Ever had sriracha?
Best sauces, spreads, or spices for adding zest to low-cal meals?

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37 Responses to Sriracha-whacha-whacha-whacha-want

  1. Alex says:

    Ooh I’ve never had that kind of sauce, but the eat you describe it makes me want to try it really bad! I’ll have to hunt for some at the store next trip 🙂

  2. I actually bought sriracha last year but it’s still sitting unopened in my cupboard because I’m not a big fan of too much heat… I have no idea why I bought it haha! 😛

    I love adding lemon juice, homemade balsamic dressing, hummus or salsa for some low calorie flavour!

  3. Hey Tiff! Thanks for the post mention on your site today 🙂
    My husband LOVES Sriracha! When I try it it’s a little dab at a time but he loads the stuff up! We’ll both add it to any kind of Asian inspired dish, but most recently he tried it on a regular deli chicken and cheese sandwich and raved about it.

  4. I love sriracha. It’s fabulous and makes me insides all warm and happy.

  5. Nichole says:

    The red heat monster! I cannot do it, my mouth is burning just reading!

  6. Love love sriracha. We go through that stuff like crazy.

  7. aaahh we love sriracha so much!! I put it in my spaghetti sauce, lasagna and eggs! So good 🙂

    Costco has this amazing southwest no salt spice that we love to get, also really good in eggs 🙂

  8. MMM I love sriracha. I bought an intimation one at whole foods and it was sooo not the same.

  9. Thanks for the link love, girl!! I am a sriracha fan too, and when I’m not using that, it’s either balsamic vinegar or salsa!

  10. I’m a HUGE srircha fan!! SO GOOD and it makes my food so hot! True love!!

  11. Awwww… I hope your first time with sriracha was special. 🙂 It’s my #1 favorite condiment. Mix it with some peanut flour and a little almond milk for a killer pasta sauce!

  12. Allie says:

    The title of this post alone won me over–ohh, if this is your first taste…beware. You’re going to start finding yourself putting sriracha on EVERYTHING 😀 I go through a huge container of the stuff at least once a month, yum yum!

  13. Oh man I love sriracha sauce! It is so delicious! It’s great on a lot of asian inspired dishes as well! ha
    That dinner does look so good! I can’t wait to try out that recipe!
    And your cat is so adorable! little paw up there begging! ha How funny!

  14. I’m glad you’ve finally had a sriracha experience. 🙂 It’s very important to my life- ask anyone who’s ever been in my kitchen. I’m actually eating some right now in my leftover coconut beef!

  15. An says:

    i loveeee sriracha – on like, everything <3 lol

  16. I put sriracha on everything. Love it on a veggie burger with smashed avocado to cool it down some.

  17. First – THANK YOU for the link love. I’m glad you liked part 1 of my race recap. I’m learning I have a tendency to be wordy. 🙂 Second – I love sriracha – it’s delicious stuff. I’ve been mixing it with my kale salad marinades recently and love the kick it adds. My NOLA roots are showing. 🙂

  18. I have not tried it yet, but you have definitely made me curious! Will try it soon!

  19. Brittany says:

    That picture of your cat had me dying. SO cute and funny. I have not yet tried this sauce…but it is sitting on the table at my manfriends house..perhaps I shall give it a taste!

  20. I bought three different sauces from Wegman’s last week and they’re GREAT sauces to add onto my veggies/chicken/etc. to give it a little flavor! My favorite is the Sweet Chili Sauce although the Garlic Seasame is a close second 🙂

  21. Anna, fitscally responsible says:

    Yes, I’ve had it and agree it adds a lot to the meal!

    I like Frank’s Wing Sauce. It is 0 WW points so it must be healthy, right? :). We use it to make buffalo chicken wraps — add it to a whole wheat tortilla with chicken, plain Greek yogurt and lettuce. It is so good!

  22. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE SRIRACHA!!! I call it “Rooster Sauce” though haha:) I used to put it on EVERYTHING (seriously!) BUT, there’s sugar in it… so now it’s a far distant memory!! I’ll drool from the sidelines, though!

  23. I always hated hot sauce. I thought it ruined the food and then I found Sriracha! And I am obsessed. It makes everything taste better!

  24. I just tried sriracha for the first time last week…And I’m now adding it to EVERYTHING. I think I”m in love. 😉

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  26. Jen says:

    i love sriracha! good stuff!

  27. Sriracha is by far my favorite condiment. I could easily go through a bottle a week. I especially like on top of spaghetti and scrambled eggs. May sound weird but it rocks.

  28. Meg says:

    TIFF! I love love love sriracha 🙂 So when I saw your title I was like OMG she is my type of girl 😉 Hehe

    I love to put it on macaroni and eggs too 😀

  29. Claudia says:

    Gotta love that Sriracha sauce! Its been one of the most voted on a Favorite Condiments question:

  30. In our house, Sriacha goes on everything!!! Love it on pizza!

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