How To…

How to…

1. … creep out women in the gym.

Tell a woman her form is like art because it’s so perfect. Ugh. He told me this while leaving only 2 feet of distance between us. Talk about “too close for comfort!” ***Bonus points if you’re the same age or older than the woman’s father

2. … blow you hard earned cash.

Try to be responsible by ordering a small soy cappuccino instead of a small skinny cappuccino, which costs $2. 69. Do not consider a possible price difference. Fork over $3.69 for the same size beverage. It was ‘soy’ expensive.

soy expensive

3. … poorly manage carb cravings when training for an endurance event.

Don’t step on the scale for weeks. When your pants fit differently, tell yourself it’s muscle.

4. … make yourself feel better about major fashion crimes.

Make your hair really big, and wear eye-catching jewelry. These distract from the cross trainers that you wore to work. (Yes, I changed after being at work a few hours, but I did get some significant wear out of these before my boss arrived.)


5. … whine about things that aren’t your fault but are still totally your fault.

Sign up for a race in February, and complain about the cold now that Old Man Winter has decided to show his ugly face. Seriously, what was I thinking???

  • Got any great “how to” tips for me?
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21 Responses to How To…

  1. Your hair is amazing! It looks straight out of a Pantene commercial. 😉

  2. eeeeew, creepy gym man. that is the worst!

  3. It drives me crazy how much extra they charge for soy. I can go to the store and buy a whole container of soy milk for what they charge in one latte lol!!
    Have a great weekend… good luck w/ the training!

  4. Miz says:


  5. I step on the scale a little more this training schedule than my last. Because during my last, I was also traning for a 94-floor stairclimb. I blamed the stairmaster on my growing thighs.

    It was so not true. But yeah… we’ll pretend it was. :p

  6. #1 is hilarious! What is it that makes people think its ok to make creepy comments in the gym?! Leave me alone – I’m just here to work out.

  7. hahaha. So I signed up for a 5k for this weekend and a 10k for next weekend.. Im glad that its going to be the coldest days we have had yet.. sweet life .. I am in the same boat.. You will do awesome this weekend!

    I hate creepy people at the gym.

  8. Um number 1. Hhahaha I hate when guys are creeeeeps, like no get away if you are old and ugly. oops. I’m definitely nervous it will be cold for my race! Your hair looks adorable!

  9. Ew gym creeps. So gross. And your hair looks amazing! I’m jealous I can never get mine to be big and voluminous.

  10. lindsay says:

    girl i have done number 5 way too many times. Lesson learned!

    love the hair!

  11. Haha! This made me laugh! #3 is SO true!

  12. Ugh, to the “too close for comfort” man! And whining about things that aren’t your fault but that are actually your fault is kind of fun! haha

  13. ok ok i thought we were supposed to be eating more carbs…now that we are running a ton??? 🙂
    I had trained myself not be eat so much bread now I’m eating tons of it….it’s OK though – I figure 28 miles a week – I deserve some carbs! Funny post Tiff!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  14. Brittany says:

    You look adorable with the shoes on and your dress clothes..I say work it!

  15. LOL wow that guy at the gym sounds creepy. Did you move machines after?? I would have… or at least turned up my music or something!
    And yes… extra $$ for soy milk… criminal, I think, being a lactose intolerant 🙁

  16. Brigid says:

    Just seeing this post now. Love it! a) Your hair looks awesome and b) Isn’t annoying how expensive soy is?! Grr.

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