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My Twitter followers know how much I can’t stand #cubelife.  Regular blog readers know I live for the weekend – usually an active weekend.  But what’s a girl to do when the corporate jungle tells you to sit at a desk for 8-9 hours a day?

Well, you can’t do much, but you can at least move a little at your desk.  I get my sweat session in before work, and I try to take 1 or 2 daily 10-minute walk breaks while at the office.  However, there are times when you just need a little something extra.

Harbinger kindly sent me a couple goodies.  The company said a lot of their workout equipment could be taken to the office to make cube fitness easier.  The moves I’ve demonstrated below are also discrete since you can do them sitting in your chair.

Resistance Band Curl: I guess this one’s pretty self-explanatory.  Be sure to keep your wrist firm.  *Best with lighter band.

blog 007blog 009

Overhead Triceps Press: Sit with feet on the floor and the band hanging from your upper hand. Reach up with your other hand behind your back, and grab the hanging end.  Extend the upper arm above your head.  *Best with lighter band.

blog 014blog 016

Reverse Band Fly: Sit tall in your chair with your arms extended out at shoulder height holding the resistance 8 cable. Begin to separate your arms so they move away from each other and stop when they are fully out to the side before slowly returning to the start position.

blog 011blog 013

Balance Trainer: Sit on your chair with the balance disc under you.  Placing your hands behind your head, lift your right knee up as you bring your left elbow across to meet your right knee.  Switch sides. (My favorite of the moves!)

blog 019

Of course, if you leave it at home, you can get even more creative…

blog 022blog 024


Important: I recommend using one of their regular resistance bands for most of these moves.  I couldn’t perform them with the “medium resistance” band I received (I’m a weakling!).  I highly recommend buying the “light resistance 8 cable” instead.

Enough of my smiling, happy face.  Now it’s your turn to smile.  Harbinger is generously giving away 1 resistance 8 cable to 2 winners.  I will announce a winner on Saturday morning.  Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment letting me know which of these you did.  You can enter up to 4 times.  

  1. Leave a comment telling me how you squeeze in extra bits of movement.
  2. Follow me on Twitter @ LoveSweatBeers (Leave a comment with your twitter handle.)
  3. Tweet something along the lines of “I entered to win @HarbingerFit gear from @LoveSweatBeers at”
  4. Follow Harbinger on Twitter @HarbingerFit (Leave a comment with your twitter handle.)


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69 Responses to Cube Life

  1. Natasha says:

    I try to park further away from work, and I take the stairs instead of the escalator. Anything helps!

  2. I go to fill up my water bottle at the fountain at the other end of the building to squeeze in some extra walking. I love that you did your cube exercises sitting on a cube:)

  3. You look fabulous in all of those pictures! When I’m out somewhere I try to take the stairs instead of an elevator. And since I live in a city where you don’t have to drive everywhere, I try to walk when I can!

  4. Already follow you on twitter! @SweetNHealthy

  5. And I now follow them on twitter 🙂

  6. I take little exercise breaks at school by asking to go to the bathroom and just making sure I get up and walk around a bit! My butt falls asleep is I sit for too long!!LOL!

  7. I love using resistance bands. I just have the bands that you have to tie though. As for getting in more moving – well, I do have to walk 3 blocks to and from my parking lot, I try to take stairs and typically park towards the back of parking lots rather than right at the front door.

  8. I already follow you on twitter of course 😉 @hriacobacci

  9. And I tweeted. Happy Thursday!

  10. I never would have thought of bringing a resistance band to work. I also hate #cubelife and want to be active! Great post!

  11. Samantha says:

    I park far away from the store, or get up to go to a far away printer at work, and bring stuff to the project managers upstairs rather than waiting for them to come down for it.

  12. Samantha says:

    I already follow you – @runcupcake

  13. Amye says:

    I work in an office at a warehouse. I take a 15 minute break both in the morning and afternoon and walk around the warehouse.

  14. Missi says:

    My students could do these with me.

  15. I try to take walk breaks as well, though have a cubicle and a lab means I am walking back and forth a lot during the busy lab days. I should start wearing a pedometer, hah.

  16. I just try to get up and walk around the office as much as possible.

  17. alisen says:

    I stay at home with my toddler so it is pretty easy to get a little bit of exerise in daily, even if it just a walk to the park. Lifting an extra 28 pounds constantly also helps 🙂

  18. alisen says:

    I’m following you on Twitter! @alisenasu

  19. alisen says:

    I tweeted! @alisenasu

  20. Hi, I just found your blog and I think it’s great! I also hate the #cubelife like crazy! I try to go to the gym during lunch or at least walk for a good 30 min in the middle of the day. I’m not following you and Harbingerfit on Twitter. Can’t wait to read some more of your posts 🙂

  21. alisen says:

    I follow harbigerfit on Twitter! @alisenasu

  22. You look like a modelll! I take the stairs instead of the elevator every time!

  23. I follow you on twitter @thextramile

  24. Elle says:

    I get up and walk around, a lot!

  25. Elle says:

    Following you on Twitter

  26. Elle says:

    I tweeted your giveaway

  27. Elle says:

    I follow Harbinger on Twitter too

  28. Allie says:

    You do look so happy and smiley in these pics! My office is on the third floor of the building, so when I go out to use the bathroom, I’ll sometimes pop into the stairwell for a quick trip down and up, just to keep my legs moving! I try to walk at lunch, too–but that doesn’t happen very often in the winter.

  29. Brittany says:

    These are great ideas!! I do the extra walks when I can and the occasional push-up wherever I am. Leg lifts, crunches..but mainly walking. If I am around stairs I will walk up them an extra few times.

  30. I always try to fit in extra walking! I’ll walk instead of taking the metro, hop up and down to refill my water all day long, and park wherever there’s a spot so i can just walk the extra distance to the store.

  31. Bernadette Chan says:

    The stairs are my best friend Period.

  32. Bernadette Chan says:

    Following you on twitter as @bchan5720

  33. Bernadette Chan says:

    Following Harbinger on twitter as @bchan5720

  34. I hate my little cube 🙁 LOL

  35. I am a cube dweller too. I also try to work out in the morning and try to take walks at lunch if possible!

  36. I follow Love, Sweat & Beers on Twitter as @Hungrigyrl

  37. I follow Harbinger on Twitter as @Hungrigyrl.

  38. I tweeted “I entered to win @HarbingerFit gear from @LoveSweatBeers at” from @Hungrigyrl

  39. Amazing! I love doing chair dips, lunges, and random other “discreet” things at my desk because I get soooo bored and lethargic. Fellow cubelife hater right here.

  40. Following you on twitter @fitontherocks

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  42. Im interning at a hospital so always try to use bathrooms on another floor to get in a few extra steps and flight of stairs! Working out in the morning helps too, then I don’t feel like a slug sitting most of the day 🙂

  43. I tweeted “Check out @LoveSweatBeers blog to enter the awesome @harbingerfit giveaway she is having! End tomorrow!!” from @LexieBoyceRD2be

  44. I follow @LoveSweatBeers on twitter, my twitter handle is @LexieBoyceRD2be

  45. Started following @harbingerfit on twitter with handle @LexieBoyceRD2be

  46. I like to get up and walk around.. at least once an hour.. I have to, or else I would go crazy!

  47. I already follow you 🙂 @runthoughts 🙂

  48. I am usually pretty sedentary during the day until it is time for my workout. A few times a week I take a walk around the duck pond or field close to my office, or walk across campus to get coffee. I REALLY want a treadmill desk or at least a stand-up desk set up in my office. May be a project for the summer to get it all set up!

  49. I already follow you on Twitter – Handle is @NutritionNerd

  50. Now I am following Harbinger on Twitter. Handle is @NutritionNerd

  51. at work, i try to get up and walk around a bit every half hour or so. i can’t sit still for very long anyways! 🙂

  52. i follow you on twitter! @myfnfdiaries

  53. i follow harbingerfit on twitter! @myfnfdiaries

  54. Always take the stairs, park far away from stores (unless it’s raining!), and drink a lot of water so I’m forced to take regular bathroom trips. 🙂

  55. I always am doing calf raises while standing in line anywhere….I don’t care how silly I look. Also…now that we have that handy dandy chin up bar in our door – we make a rule that everytime you pass it you have to do at least 3 chin ups…it works!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  56. Laurel C says:

    i follow you on twitter @pace_of_laurel

  57. Laurel C says:

    i also follow them on twitter! @pace_of_laurel

  58. Laurel C says:

    this might sound cliche, but i always park far away from where i’m going and try to fit in as much walking as possible throughout my day (on top of the running i already do!)

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