Last Long Run **I Hope**

Good Morning!  Today’s the day of my last long run… I hope.  If today’s 11-miler goes well, I will finally register for a half marathon and book a hotel room.

No, I’m not doing Disney.  It would cost a lot of money to fly both Kevin and I there.  I currently have my heart set on the Locomotive Half Marathon in Kennesaw, GA.  So if you Atlanta ladies need something to do on Sunday, 2/19, please come cheer me on, or better yet, run with me!


I’m cutting my training plan a few weeks short because of my hip pain.  More long runs would only mean a greater chance of injury right now.I’ll fill you all in on how the run went on Monday.



Later today, I’m off to get my hair done.  Yup, I’m going back blonde.  Kevin finally spoke up, and since I’m always asking for his opinion, I figure I better listen.  There will be no more of this…

blog 007

And I’ll go back to looking something a bit more like this.

Oktoberfest_Helen 012

I’ll probably be changing my blog headshot, my Twitter picture, and my Gravatar image.  There, I warned ya.  Oh, and Leia wanted to get her hair done too.  Now I know why my sink is always getting clogged.

blog 006


  • Got any workout scheduled this weekend?  Other big weekend plans?

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18 Responses to Last Long Run **I Hope**

  1. Congrats… hope today goes well!! Wish I lived closer cause I would totally come to cheer you on =)
    Can’t wait to see the new look!!

  2. Aww that cat pic is adorable! What a little cutie!!

  3. Good luck on the run – I hope it’s a good one!!

  4. I hope your long run goes well!! And you look gorgeous either blonde or brunette :). I love that Kevin spoke up though- sometimes I wish Chris would so I wouldn’t have to make the decision haha.

  5. good luck on your run! i’m sure you’ll do great! 🙂 i plan to do a five mile run, stretch like crazy, and call it good. looking forward to seeing your new blonde locks!

  6. I hope the rain went away so you could get in your 11 miler. You know my training plan for the 1/2 doesn’t even have me running more than 10 ever. Have you logged onto to SmartCoach? Instead of running an 11 and then 12…it has more mileage every week in different ways…more speed work more easy runs, etc… If you can do the 10 Tiff…you know you can rock the 1/2. No problem.

    xoxo from Trinidad

    • Tiff says:

      Thanks – the rain didn’t slow me down, though I did have to go home to get a bag for my phone. 11 is the longest I’m training, and it feels good to be done! 🙂

  7. lindsay says:

    best of luck on your run. Ice that hip when you are done and then enjoy some blonde time! i just might go back to blonde this spring too. hmmm..

  8. Well, you look amazing with both brown and blonde hair! Sam always asks me to go blonder, like super platinum, playboy bunny blonde!! haha He just doesn’t understand how much upkeep that is!!

    Good luck on your long run!! 🙂

  9. Sexi blonde!!!! Share pics!!!! WOOO HOO!! I love changes like this!


  10. Good luck with your run/half!! Funny I’m going back blonde too ;D Brown was fun for a while but when you’ve been a blonde your whole life it’s hard to stay away forever!

  11. Welcome back to the blonde club! I mean, we do have more fun– am I right? 😀

  12. Good luck on your run/race. Before we moved to Florida from Georgia I wanted to sign up for that one. I’m kind of glad I didn’t. I’m not ready at all! 🙂

  13. I like your hair blonde 🙂 go for it!

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