It’s all in the feet.

Warning! This post contains pictures of feet! Although they are clean feet, they’re still feet. If you’re not down with that, come back tomorrow for something else.

**I have a buddy who is very foot-averse. Is that weird to anyone else? Normal? Anyway…

pics 010

I do these foot-strengthening moves about once every two weeks. In all honesty, I should be doing them twice per week. Whoopsie-daisies! These are just tidbits I picked up from here or there, so don’t take this as a “cure” or real “solution” to anything. They just seem to be helping me a lot.

First and foremost, I warm up my feet with yoga since I do these foot strengthening moves in the morning.

1. Toe Scrunches

Put your foot on a towel on a smooth surface. Keep you heel off the edge.


Scrunch up the towel with your toes. I do 3 sets of 10-12 scrunches per side.


2. Big Toe Lifts

I’m so awful at these! Just keep you foot flat on the ground.

this is my foot

Lift you big toe. Put it back down. Seriously, it’s harder than it looks.

heavy toe

3. Ball Roller Stretch

Roll a tennis ball under your foot. Apply significant pressure.

pics 011

Use the ball like you would a foam roller, stopping at any hard bits of scar tissue.

pics 014

Yeah… ouch. Don’t hurt yourself, but this shouldn’t be comfortable. It feels good later. Trust me.

4. Ice

This isn’t “strengthening,” but it’s good if you have cranky feet. I like freezing a water bottle and putting my foot on it. I’m sure ice, peas, or whatever else works fine too.  I’m not so good at doing this, but I still recommend it.


  • Ever had foot problems?  If so, how’d you fix it?
  • Whatcha’ got on tap for the weekend?

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23 Responses to It’s all in the feet.

  1. The roller and the toe scrunches are vital to me lately to keep the foot pain that popped up for me away. Also randomly stretching my foot through the day by pulling up on the toes and keeping my calves well stretched since a lot of foot and ankle issues stem from there. Lastly, ice if needed. 🙂

  2. Alexandra says:

    I love doing the tennis ball roll when my feet are sore too, doesn’t it feel amazing?!
    I like your bunny slippers too heehee 😉

  3. I kind of combine the tennis ball and ice idea – I freeze a soup can and roll with that. Hurts so good!

  4. I can’t stand feet. People can’t even touch mine without me kicking them. SO I seriously just scrolled through your post mostly to thank you for the heads up and I’ll see you tomorrow… lol

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Those exercises are really interesting…and they look hard! I can’t imagine doing them all the time. I’ve never had foot problems, but if I did I’m sure i would be doing those haha. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. i’m so glad you shared these – thank you! i’ve gotten a lot of foot problems within the past year that drive me bonkers. i use foot inserts and beg my hubby to give me foot massages constantly which help. i know stretching your calves help too, so i’ve been trying to work on that more. i’ll have to try your techniques – thanks!

  7. I never really thought about strengthening my feet before! But I guess its just as important as any other muscles!!! I will have to try these out!!

  8. I’m not afraid of looking at feet. I could understand why some people are though. When I was in Kauai in December, I was sitting by the pool, and a woman and her husband (I’m guessing) sat in the lounge chairs next to me. The woman had the nastiest toe nails I’ve ever seen. They were seriously jagged and some were sharp points! It was so scary!

    Anyway, your feet are not scary at all. In some of my yoga classes they have us concentrate on our feet.

  9. Wow, I can honestly say I’ve never heard of foot or toe exercises….You learn something new everyday!

  10. Haha I love your warning. I’ve never done foot exercises but I probably should. I get this weird pain under my big toe (as if you’re in downward dog) and it hurts SO bad at times, even to walk! Not sure what it is, I don’t do anything but try to take it easy.

  11. Lee says:

    I don’t have foot problems per se, but sometimes I get bad foot cramps. I find that if I flex my foot as soon as it happens, it’ll be okay, but if I don’t, it hurts for like a minute (which feels really long.)

  12. To be honest, I’ve never even heard of toe exercises like these! haha But I think that they sound wonderful – especially since my feet have been sore after treadmill runs lately! Thanks for sharing something new. 🙂

  13. Hmmm I’ve never had a foot problem. I guess I’m lucky!

  14. Soooo I am like your friend.. I don’t like feet.. BUT as long as they arent touching me I am ok with them… haha. I am not normal.

    Do you get blisters on your feet when you run!? I need something to help me prevent them.. my feet hurt ;(

    • Tiff says:

      Nope, no blisters here. I run in good North Face socks though most of the time, which helps. I think there are little blister pads (sort of gel-like) that help once you already get them. I used to use those back in my soccer-playing days.

  15. I am bookmarking this page! I’d love to do some foot strengthening exercises because I have a tiny lingering strange feeling in one of my feet, so this seems like a great way to fight it.

  16. love the ball roller! I think I had the wrong shoes (Nike Vomero), because my arch always used to hurt. The ball stretch helped alot!

  17. Sometimes I get pain in the arch of my foot and I think that tennis ball exercise would definitely help roll it out!

  18. I never even thought to do any of these exercise. Gosh, my feet must really hate me!
    I will definitely have to try these out.

  19. These exercises look great….and super hard. My poor feet are so weak…I need to try these!

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