Triceps Tricks

Remember how I said I refrained from pizza & cookies at Thursday’s office gathering?  Yeah… my willpower is relatively respectable, but it lacks staying power.  Yesterday I wanted something bad.  I wanted something sinful.

I gave into my deepest, darkest desires.  To be more specific, I gave into my deep-fried-est, dark-sauce-est desires, and I ordered take-out sesame chicken.  It was just as glorious as I imagined…


… except it was *more* glorious than I imagined because it came with brown rice.  It didn’t last long.


Sometimes you’ve just gotta’ go for it.  Other times, you’ve also just gotta’ run.  I’m about to meet my running buddy for a 3-mile run around the neighborhood, but before I go, I want to show you the tricips tricks that I promised yesterday.

1 – Kickback with a Twist

2 – Overhead Triceps Press with a Squeeze

3 – Overhead Triceps with Portability

I usually only do 1-3 triceps exercises during 1 workout.  I do 1 when I’m working a full-body routine.  I do 2 when I’m focusing on chest & triceps only.  (Many chest moves also engage triceps.)  I do 2-3 when I’m focusing specifically on arms, like bis and tris day.

I hope these little tricks help you change up your typical hum-drum moves.  I like that they give a little added umph.  (PS – If you didn’t catch my Friday Fitness post yesterday, I recommend it!)


Okay… I’m off to run.  What are you doing to stay fit this weekend?  Or are Saturdays/Sundays your rest days?

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17 Responses to Triceps Tricks

  1. Alexandra says:

    Eggrolls are my weakness! I swear those things are laced with crack haha Don’t feel bad about the splurge though, you deserve a treat with all your hard workouts! Love the triceps tips, I’ll have to try the kickbacks with a twist next workout 🙂
    Have a fun run!

  2. love your tricep tricks!! i’ve never done that resistence band one, so i’m looking forward to trying it out! 🙂

  3. lindsay says:

    i love doing plie squats with tricep overhead extensions. good doubel whammy!
    happy weekend Tiff. Love that take out….glorious INDEED

  4. Mmm that take out looks delish! Way to not deprive yourself!! And have fun on your run girl!

  5. Awesome moves!! I love doing the tricep kickbacks with a twist :). And I’m definitely going to have to try those overhead ones with the squeeze! Those look hard…but I love working my triceps haha. Have a good weekend!

  6. Mmmmm that sesame chicken looks pretty fantastic. I wanted pizza last night and pizza I got – italian sausage, onions, red peppers, jalepenos on pretzel crust. MMMM! But now I have to run tomorrow to make up for it!

  7. Corinne says:

    I love that you indulged in take-out, we all deserve it! We’re about to order some asian food right now too!
    Thanks for the video – those are some good tricep tips. How much weight do you lift for triceps usually?

    • Tiff says:

      I guess it depends. Kickbacks can be 8 or 12-lb dumbbells, but overhead tri can be 20 to 25-lb dumbbell. I guess it depends on the amount of reps and everything. I hope your Asian dinner was as good as my lunch!

  8. What’s a rest day? 😉

    And sometimes you just need some greasy take out right?

  9. Super awesome move!! I love tricep workouts!! I actually don’t mind my triceps all together 😉 LOL

    I wish I had more energy today to actually workout, but I didn’t….no sleep = no fun on saturday!


  10. I loveee working triceps! Sundays are usually my rest day, but from being sick and having a procedure on wedesday, I have been taking more than usual and will have to take at least two this week. So I’m working out today!

  11. Klh says:

    Way to get what you want! You’re so cute : )
    Love working the tris!
    Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!

    Katie : )

  12. I agree! Sometimes you just have to go for it!
    Great workout! Looks killer.

  13. Sometimes we all need something a little sinful 🙂

    I ran both days this weekend because my friend was in town and we ate a lot, and I’m training for a half marathon. The weekends used to be my rest days, but I may have to switch some things around.

  14. Dorsa says:

    I gave into the hunger beast.. it was bad.. But then I ran yesterday so I felt a bit better.. Gotta keep it clean this week.

  15. Claire says:

    Was that a mouse your cat was chasing in the tricep video?

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