Rants n’ Raves

When someone asks you if you want the bad news first or the good news, which do you choose? I always want to hear the good news last so that I can end on a high note. I don’t have many gripes today, but I have 1 worth mentioning. No worries ~ I also have 3 raves (glow sticks not included).


1. Last weekend in TJs, a lady stopped to tell me how awesome a dessert product was. A stranger then made an inappropriate comment as she walked away from me. He smiled and jokingly said she can eat whatever she wants and not worry about gaining weight. Ummm… hello, mister, but where do you get off talking about a woman’s weight? She wasn’t even talking to that sleaze-ball.

Clearly, I was infuriated, and I wonder if she was too. Don’t assume she doesn’t work her butt off for that butt. No matter her size, she probably doesn’t want some creepy jort-wearing man checking out her body in the grocery store!

Whew – I need to calm down a bit – blood pressure just spiked, and I probably have a vein on my forehead.


1. Uncle Ben’s fast-cook wild rice is breathtaking. Yes, it’s that good. After making some Wednesday night, Kev and I couldn’t quit gushing about it. I don’t even care about its ultra-processed ingredients (okay okay… I kinda care); I’m going to buy it again anyway!

2. I also want to rave about the pool. I usually avoid swimming since the chlorine dries and fades my hair on impact, but since I’m getting my hair done this weekend anyway, I decided to hit the pool yesterday morning. It felt great to exercise without stressing my joints and sensitive muscles. I also did pilates and planks at home before hitting the pool. My core was happy.

3. I finally finished Unbroken this week. Wow – what an powerful book. If you want to be thankful for what you’ve got, read this! Warning: It’s very graphic and contains details about war that might give you nightmares. It’s disturbing, but it pulls you in. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Happy Friday!

What is a rant for you? How about a rave? Be sure to end on the rave so that I’m happy when I finish reading your comment. Winking smile

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29 Responses to Rants n’ Raves

  1. Lauren says:

    My rant this week is definitely clients that complain and want to complain instead of doing work. Rave? My new slow cooker, love it, love it, love it.

  2. Lauren says:

    and loved vein in the forehead comment

  3. Alexandra says:

    What a creeper! I absolutely can’t stand those kind of people that feel the need to interject their opinion in other people’s convos…no one cares loser haha
    I agree about that rice though, it is SO good! 😀
    Happy Friday!

  4. God I hate men like that! So frustrating!!

  5. I’ve never tried that rice. I’m not a huge rice person, but I do like wild rice – maybe it’s the texture. I will rant about the fact that people around here have no concept of stopping for pedestrians at cross walks (even the city bus, one of which hit and killed a man yesterday exactly where I walk). I will rave about a new GF bakery here in town that also has vegan items. YUM

  6. Why are guys so creepy. Rant: I work in a building about a 10 minute drive from my boss. He canceled a meeting like 2 minutes before it started so I had to drive there and back for no reason! Rave: Christmas music stations on Pandora. So festive!

    • Tiff says:

      Bummer about the meeting. Cheers to Christmas music! I’m trying to hold off on it until after Thanksgiving, but I’m getting antsy.

  7. Krissie J says:

    Rant: after a long day of shopping at the KOP mall with my friends as part of a bachelorette weekend, I wanted a Mrs. Fields sugar cookie. Just one. As I asked for the cookie, a guy standing there with his wife turns to me and says, “you really don’t need that cookie.” EXCUSE ME?!? His wife was totally embarrassed at how rude he was. You could tell he thought he was being completely hilarious, too.

    Rave: IT’S FRIDAY! And I’m drinking a pretty good pumpkin spice latte. Homemade, too!

  8. Lee says:

    Rant (and this might be long, but you asked!) – I had to email HR of my former company and ask where my severance check was. The woman tells me that I didn’t fill out the right form and it will take 21 days instead of the normal 7 (which makes no sense in itself). I forward her the form that I had sent her 2 weeks ago and say, “I sent it to you already” and she writes back, “I’ll mail the check tomorrow.” No apologies, nothing. Then, like 5 minutes later, I go to check the mail and the check is there! So she just totally made up that I didn’t fill out the right form!!

    Okay, sorry. Rant over.

  9. Wow… he sounded quick to judge. Sure, he’s allowed whatever snap opinions he makes, I guess, however, keep them to yourself and do not by any means voice them to a stranger! Geez.

    My friend Hannah is here visiting me! Let the fun begin!

  10. I always choose to hear the bad news first too.
    Rant — I have the flu and it sucks…
    Rave — Looking forward to Thanksgiving and time w/ the family =)

  11. AmandaRunsNY says:

    I cannot believe that guy said that in TJ’s?!?! No wonder women have eating disorders and body image issues with people like that.

    My blog post today is a bit of a rant, and for raves, I’d say I’m happy about this huge project I completed at work and that I am going home next week.

  12. Ew, what a creeper! I would have wanted to punch him haha. A rave for me- I have no more hw, assignments, tests, studying to do until after Thanksgiving break! Woohoo!!!

  13. Rant: Bad drivers! Last Thursday I was driving and a woman was getting off the freeway. She had a yield sign but instead treats it as a merge. She pulls out right in front of me, causing me to slam on my breaks. I don’t honk or yell or flip her off or anything but I did raise my hands up like “C’MON!” Once we get to the intersection she is turning right and I’m going straight, so we’re right next to each other. She rolls down her window and starts cussing me out! WHAT THE?! What did I do wrong?! You’re the one that cuts me off, almost causes an accident, and then you’re going to cuss me out?! WOW! I hate driving in California!!!!

    Ok, that was a huge rant! Sorry!

    Rave: I got an A on my last test and it’s Friday! Plus, it’s almost Thanksgiving and then I have 1 month until Hawaii! YAY!

  14. Tara Burner says:

    I already ranted plenty this morning on my blog at http://taraburner.com/misc/pushy-people-and-no-money-means-no-money.php

    but a rave..i’m eating my favorite bestest natural tortilla chips (whale tails chips) with loads of salsa right now!

  15. Rebecca says:

    I was in TJ once and I heard this girl say to her boyfriend when I passed her “OMG, She is so skinny!!”. I was super sad since she said it in a mean way…and then I heard her boyfriend say “I think she heard you”. THEN the girl ran up to me and told me she liked my outfit. I was depressed and confused at the same time. So…now something happy. It’s Friday and tomorrow is my birthday!

    • Tiff says:

      Whaaat? I’m sure it wasn’t funny then, but looking back it sounds comical. I mean, why would that crazy girl think complimenting your outfit would make you feel better??? I guess it just made her feel better.

  16. My rant: group projects where people are morons, never do what they say they are going to do, and then take credit for your work.

    My rave: a new lululemon jacket I saved up for. I’m obsessed. And perfect timing because it is FINALLY in the 50s here in NoLa … it has been in the 80’s for-ev-er!

  17. My rant- last minute things at work when the people knew in advance and could have told you sooner! Grrrr!
    My rave- lovely sunny autumnal weather 🙂

  18. I ranted all over my blog last night. As for a rave? Gingerbread biscottis are back in starbucks. Yes, I realize the plural of biscotti is biscotti, but the s makes “are” sound better. I’m weird.

  19. 1. People are so rude sometimes! Seriously, I don’t understand it.
    2. I haven’t tried Uncle Ben’s wild rice yet but I’ve had a few of the other fast-cook flavors. I’m a fan.
    3. I totally miss having access to a pool! I agree that it’s hell on your hair but it’s such a nice change from high impact stuff.

  20. Errign says:

    Rant = I can’t find someone to take over my lease. Grrrr.

    Rave = I finally went back to yoga today and it was great. Yay 🙂

    I haven’t had wild rice in a hot minute, sounds so good!

  21. What a jerk!! I had a patient like that once..thought I could eat whatever I want, etc. How do you even know what I eat!?!
    A rave for today was trying the pumpkin spiced latte at 7-11..highly processly but delicious!!! 🙂

  22. Brittany says:

    Umm homeboy at TJ’s sounds like a total tool!! My rant is that I have to get up early tomorrow ( I know I am sorta boring this week) but my rave is that I get to go to work and eat good food!

  23. Hmm I haven’t got a rant or a rave today… but I loved reading yours! 🙂 And thanks for the book review, I needed something non educational to read! And the author already has brownie points as I LOVE Seabiscuit!

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