Hardcore with Harbinger

You guys know how much I love packages, right? Of course you do! Well I got a pretty sweet package in the mail this weekend. Harbinger was kind enough to send me a pair of lifting gloves to review. You all know how much I love my old pair; you can see them in these posts:

Sadly, they have seen better days. (I’m pretty sure I got these in my senior year of high school. They’ve been to the gym many times, and they’ve been through the wash a few times too.)

harbinger 007

So these new one will replace the old. Notice how cute yet hardcore they look! It’s like, “Hey, I’m tough, but I’m still pink.” Harbinger sent the pink gloves for breast cancer awareness month. There’s a link to them here.

harbinger 003

I use gloves for one reason, to protect my hands from pain and ugly callouses. (Ignore my dork-ness, please.) They work well, but vegans may not like the leather grips.

harbinger 005

However… I love gloves because they fire me up for a hard workout. When I ran cross country, I waited until the last minute to throw on my lucky socks and racing spikes. When I played soccer, I waited until game time to throw on my jersey. Now I throw on my gloves right before lifting.

harbinger 006

Do you have any pre-race/game/workout rituals that help you perform harder/faster/longer?

On a side note, check out my yummy dinner! I paired my egg/spinach/cheese wrap with a couple crackers & cheese, half a cup of green beans, and an orange for dessert. The orange’s vitamin C helped my body absorb the iron from the wrap and the spinach… and it was delicious.

harbinger 011

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21 Responses to Hardcore with Harbinger

  1. Brittany says:

    I loveee my workout gloves! I don’t know what I ever did without them before. Mine are pink too! Super cute 😀

  2. Alexandra says:

    I too ADORE my weightlifting gloves, they sure have protected my hands from callouses 🙂 I love the fact yours are pink though, super cute!

  3. Errign says:

    I don’t really lift enough to need gloves so I don’t rock them, but I probably would if I had pink ones 🙂

  4. Krissie J says:

    Is it weird I sort of like calluses? It probably is. 🙂 Those are really cute gloves, though!

  5. I totally would wear gloves. My hands are uber sensitive or something because I get calluses just after a day or two of lifting.

  6. I should wear gloves..I don’t and then I get calices – yuck!
    xoxo from Houston

  7. Dorsa says:

    love those gloves :). I have pink softball gloves that look like that.. but they have fingers haha. 🙂

  8. I did the same thing in soccer. Threw my jersey on last minute before running onto the field 🙂

  9. I need to get some gloves – my hands are not a pretty sight!

    When I need motivation, I pick up a fitness magazine before heading out. It never fails to get my butt in gear.

  10. Love the gloves! When I need motivation I listen to booty music — oh yea!

  11. I have a few songs on my iPod that get me revved up. I always listen to them on days when I’m just not feeling 100%.

  12. Lifting gloves make you look so legit!!!! You’re a real lifter now LOL!!!

  13. I have gloves, but hardly use them! Definetly needed that reminder 🙂

  14. kace says:

    I was thinking about getting gloves at the gym today. Honestly, more for the germ factor – you never know who’s grippign those weights, and what they were gripping before that :/ haha.

  15. I should really invest in some gloves because I have some callouses forming and I tend to pick at them haha

  16. I have gloves (Harbinger ones even) that I love but they are in my closet. I never put them in my new gym bag after switching stuff over and keep forgetting. I need to fix that. I feel so much more hardcore when wearing them too. Luckily my hands don’t get too callousy without them.

  17. Oh I absolutely agree – when I put on the gloves, it’s like putting on the kickass cape or something.

  18. Your wrap for dinner looks like what my breakfast has been the majority of the last month…

    My ritual before a race is basically just what I eat. Peanut butter toast. No exceptions.

  19. You look like a badass! Love it! I find I’m way more motivated when I work out at muay thai rather than at home or a normal gym… I supposes that involves gloves as well… maybe it’s all in the gloves!! Right, thats it! I need me some weightlifting ones! 🙂

  20. I agree – you look really bad ass! I definitely wouldn’t mess with you! 😉 This post serves as an important reminder to me that I need to get off my butt and start stregth training again. Maybe in a couple of months I’ll need gloves – I’ll let you know! 😉

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